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English 4w, Section 5 Explication Name: Instructions: Carefully read and annotate this passage from She. Then use your observations to construct a 1.5-2 page response paper. Your paper should have a clearly defined thesis, make ample use of textual evidence, and conform to the specified length requirements. Submit this coversheet with your final explication. The statue was hewn from marble so pure and white that even now, after all those ages, it shone as the moonbeams danced upon it; and its height, I should say, was over twenty feet. It represented the winged figure of a
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Unformatted text preview: woman of such marvelous loveliness and delicacy of form that the size seemed rather to add to than detract from its so human and yet more spiritual beauty. She stood bending forward and posing herself upon her half-spread wings as though to preserve her balance as she leant. . Her arms were outstretched like those of some woman about to embrace one she dearly loved, while her whole attitude gave an impression of the tenderest beseeching....
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