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ANTH 1003 quiz 1 notes - ANTH 1003. Sec. 1. Fall, 2010...

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ANTH 1003. Sec. 1. Fall, 2010 QUESTIONS BASIC TO CULTURAL ANTH. Define/discuss each of the following concepts: 1. The four sub-fields of anthropology a. Archaeology b. Linguistics c. Cultural Anthropology d. Biological Athropology 2. Anthropology (define it). Is it a science or a humanity? a. The study of all humankind throughout time 3. Ethnography vs. Ethnology a. Ethnography- The study of an individual society or community, usually by one anthropologist b . Ethnology- The comparative and theoretical study of human society at large 4. Participant observation a. Fieldwork, 18 months is optimum 5. Hypothesis vs. theory a. A theory has been tested; a hypothesis is only an idea 6. Holistic perspective a. must study every aspect of the society, not just part 7. Applied anthropology a. the application of method and theory in anthropology 8. Culture (three kinds of definitions) a. That complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man[kind] as a member of society.”- Edward Tyler b. Functionalists- What humans learn from one another- A.L. Kroeber c. 9. Plural(istic) society and Subculture 10. Three popular world epistemologies 11. Infrastructure, structure, superstructure 12. Cultural relativism 13. Enculturation 14. Ethnocentrism vs. cultural relativism 15. Symbol: Leslie White vs. Sidney Wilhelm 16. Significant symbols (George Herbert Mead) 17. The Comparative method 18. Three characteristics of Culture
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ANTH 1003 quiz 1 notes - ANTH 1003. Sec. 1. Fall, 2010...

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