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anth 1003 quiz 1

anth 1003 quiz 1 - -Anthropologists have obligations to o...

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Origins and dispersals An early specialization of German and American Anthropologists: 1890-1920’s Culture Historians such as AL Kroeber and Franz Boas published Studies Popularized anthropology in America The Kiss - Universal? - Who doesn’t kiss? - Older than the bible - Oldest evidence from India - 3 types o Osculum Kiss on the cheeks o Basium Kissing on the lips o Savium/saviolum French kiss Columbian Peasants refuse to grow new grains Culture of poverty Didn’t trust new crops and government agents Culture Loss - Steel axes for stone age Australians o Yir yiront people of the outback Axe head symbol of male authority (flint axe heads) o Missionaries come in and give the young men steel axes to keep them interested Young men go back and fight the old men, culture is destroyed Ethics of Anthropology
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Unformatted text preview: -Anthropologists have obligations to: o Those who they study o Those who fund the research o Those in the profession who expect a study to be published so they can further the research in the field Ethnology fieldwork-18 months=ideal-Participant observation Anthropology’s Comparative method-Uses the methods of other scientists by developing hypotheses and arriving at theories-Make comparisons between peoples and cultures past and present, related species, and fossil groups-Seek out patterns shared by people of different cultures and then search for the adaptive functions of those patterns Holism-All kinds of evidence must be surveyed o Artifacts o Lexicon of language o Folklore and folk art o Religious rituals o Culinary habits o...
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