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Submit your project 1. Construct the project under a separate folder with your name as part of the project name. 2. Finish your project, compile it, and make sure it runs the way you want 3. Remove the file with “.ncb” file name extension 4. Remove the folder “debug” 5. Copy the entire folder and paste it into the “Homework & Exam Folder” under H: drive ECE-114-01 (Note: you must use copy and paste; otherwise I might not be able to view your project) During a Test 6. Exams are open-book, open notes. You can reuse your own code that you have learned under your own folder. However, no copy of others’ works. 7. During a test, I will create a separate folder, for example, “Midterm”. You must submit your project to that particular folder. Otherwise, I cannot find your project
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Unformatted text preview: and you have no point on the test. 8. During a test, you must submit your project before the test ends which will be indicated in the exam. Otherwise, it is considered as cheating, and you get no point. The time you submit your project (for each file) will be shown, and I can tell when you submit it. 9. You are NOT allowed to use the printer during a test. No print out of your program is needed. 10. During a test, you must also return the exam paper to the instructor. Otherwise, you have no evidence to show that you were in the lab and you get no point. 11. No surfing on the internet, emailing, or any communication means during the test. These are all considered cheating, and you will be reported to school. ECE114 Meng-Lai Yin Submit Your Project...
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