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Unformatted text preview: Chem 322a 8/31/10 1. Draw two additional resonance structures for the structure below, showing all movement of electrons: Cl 2. The IR spectrum below is for a compound of formula C2H4O. Predict the structure of this compound. 1 3. What is the most likely functional group of the following compound? 4. For each of the following pairs of compounds, identify whether the structures are geometric isomers, constitutional isomers, resonance structures, different compounds, or identical. Br F F Br Cl Cl Cl Cl CH3 Br Br CH 3 H O CH 2 H O CH 2 2 5. Draw all nitriles of formula C4H7CN that do not contain alkenes. 6. Draw two important resonance structures for the anion CH2NO2 . ‐ 3 ...
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