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Practice Test 1 KEY - Chem 322a 8/31/10 1. Draw two...

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Unformatted text preview: Chem 322a 8/31/10 1. Draw two additional resonance structures for the structure below, showing all movement of electrons: Cl Cl Cl 2. The IR spectrum below is for a compound of formula C2H4O. Predict the structure of this compound. Acetaldehyde (ethanal) O H C H3 1 3. What is the most likely functional group of the following compound? Carboxylic acid. There are very strong –OH and C=O absorptions. 4. For each of the following pairs of compounds, identify whether the structures are geometric isomers, constitutional isomers, resonance structures, different compounds, or identical. Br F F Br Cl Cl Cl Cl g eo metric iso mer s co ns titu tio nal is omer s CH3 Br Br CH 3 H O CH 2 H O CH 2 id en tic al r es o nan ce d if fer en t c omp oun ds co ns titu tio nal is omer s 2 5. Draw all nitriles of formula C4H7CN that do not contain alkenes. CN CN CN 6. Draw two important resonance structures for the anion CH2NO2 . ‐ CN O O N C H2 O O N C H2 O O N C H2 3 ...
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