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SI week 6 BW - 7. Draw a basic replication fork, labeling...

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BISC 320 SI Brandon Wong USC 44 Oregon 10 Week 6 9/26-10/3 Reading: 195-229, 751-757 Figures: all Ch. 8 figures, 21-12, 21-13, 21-13, 21-15, Box 21-2 1. In the enzymatic synthesis of DNA by DNA Polymerase I, what helps ensure the reverse reaction (removal of a nucleotide) doesn’t occur? 2. What 4 things do you need in order to synthesize DNA? Are these different than the requirements for PCR? 3. DNA polymerases are processive. What does this mean and why is it significant? 4. What does the proofreading exonuclease do to DNA? Which direction does it move in? 5. Describe the enzyme primase and its function in DNA replication. 6. How do RNA primers get removed from the nascent DNA strand?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Draw a basic replication fork, labeling each strand and the direction of DNA synthesis. 8. What enzyme is responsible for unwinding DNA for replication? What effect does this unwinding have on the structure of DNA? 9. How does the cell stabilize the single-stranded DNA before replication occurs? 10. Describe each of the following polymerases: a. DNA Pol I b. DNA Pol III c. DNA Pol d. DNA Pol / 11. Sliding clamps increase the __________________ of DNA Polymerases. How do they accomplish this? 12. Draw 2-,3-dideoxy ATP. How do dideoxynucleotides block DNA polymerization? 13. Describe DNA sequencing by chain termination, using your knowledge of dideoxynucleotides....
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SI week 6 BW - 7. Draw a basic replication fork, labeling...

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