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Bisc/Psych 230Lg -- Practice Questions for Greene's lectures for Midterm 1 1. Decartes rejected the long held view that sensation was conveyed to the brain through fluids, and argued instead that levers and gears – machine-like operations – provided the basis of sensory awareness and other cognitive activities. 2. Decartes was a “monist,” who believed that all mental activities could be explained in machine-like terms. 3. Galvani provided evidence that some form of electricity mediated the activity of nerves and muscles, rather than fluid pressure. 4. Who delineated the issues for the “mind/body” problem – now known as the “mind/brain” problem? a. Muller b. Sherrington c. Galvani d. Descartes e. Golgi 5. The concept of functional specialization of the brain was supported by Broca’s observation that damage in a specific area of the left frontal cortex produces a language disorder in which the person speaks fluently but makes no sense, generating so called “word salad.” 6. Muller is best known for his “doctrine of specific nerve energies.” A key aspect of this principle is that sensory information is determined by which nerve is activated. If the optic nerve conveys the information, the resulting perception is visual, whereas the auditory nerve produces the perception of sound, etc. 7.
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greene practice questions 1st midterm - Bisc/Psych 230Lg -...

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