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PSY462_Midterm_1_Review_Sheet - PSY 462m MINORITY MENTAL...

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Midterm #1 Review Sheet Page 1 of 6 PSY 462m: MINORITY MENTAL HEALTH Fall 2007 Suggested areas of focus for Midterm Exam #1 This is only a suggested list of areas to review for the Midterm Exam. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list of what will be on the Midterm Exam. It is possible that topics on this list may not be on the exam, and it is equally possible that topics not included on this list may be on the exam. Narrow Definition of Culture – Race, ethnicity and/or nationality Broad Definition of Culture – “any and all potentially salient ethnographic, demographic, status, or affiliation identities.” Definitions of Race – A group of people who share specific physical, genetically inherited characteristics which distinguish them from other groups (bio) characteristics values and behaviors are associated with groups of different physical characteristics and allow outsiders to view another group and members to perceive themselves (sociocultural) Ethnicity – A combination of race and culture Nationality - The status of belonging to a particular nation by origin, birth, or naturalization. Biopsychosocial Model – A model of human behavior that takes into consideration biological, cognitive- affective, social interpersonal, social institutional and cultural factors Six uses of culture used in everyday language (Kroeber and Kluckholn, Berry et al) 1. Descriptive – the specific behaviors associated with a culture 2. historical – a group‟s heritage and traditions 3. normative – the rules that govern the behavior of a group 4. psychological – emphasizes behavioral processes such as learning and problem solving 5. structural – organizational elements of a culture 6. genetic – origins of the culture Culture contact – critical incidents in which people from different cultures come into social contact with one another either by living and working with one another on a daily basis or through visiting other countries on a temporary basis, such as for business, tourism or study Eugenics – a movement that maintains that only “good genes” should be passed from generation to generation and “undesirable” groups should be dissuaded from reproducing Hypodescent - the practice of determining the lineage of a child of mixed race ancestry by assigning the child the race of his or her more socially subordinate parent. One Drop Rule – the idea that one drop of blood from a lower racial group makes an individual a member of that group Asian immigration history – Late 1700s Chinese immigration to U.S. for economic opportunities. 1848- 1882 chinese influx for gold rush and building of union central pacific railroad. 1869 railroad completed. 1880 scott act.
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PSY462_Midterm_1_Review_Sheet - PSY 462m MINORITY MENTAL...

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