neuroquestion - The folds on the surface of the cerebellum...

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The folds on the surface of the cerebellum are called: A) gyri B) fissures C) vermis D) nodes E) folia The cerebellum mainly functions to: A) initiate most involuntary muscle activity B) initiate most voluntary muscle activity C) coordinate complex skeletal muscle actions D) integrate emotional states in memory formation E) relay spinal sensory inputs to the thalamus The cerebellar cortex consists of three layers. From outermost to innermost these layers are: A) Pukinje cell layer, molecular layer, granular layer B) granular layer, Purkinje cell layer, molecular layer C) molecular layer, Purkinje cell layer, granular layer D) Purkinje cell layer, granular layer, molecular layer E) molecular layer, granular layer, Purkinje layer The cerebellum is connected to the rest of the brain and spinal cord by dense fiber tracts of the: A) cerebellar peduncles B) vermis C) commissural fibers D) dura mater E) tectum A patient with head injuries from a car accident has suffered damage to the left cerebellar hemisphere. This would most likely manifest as: A) general left side paralysis B) general right side paralysis C) decomposition of fine motor skill on right side D) jerky irregular left side movements E) bilateral dysmetria
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The parietal lobe is separated from the frontal lobe by the: A) central sulcus B) longitudinal fissure C) transverse fissure D) lateral fissure E) calcarine fissure Which of the following sensations is associated with areas of the parietal lobe: A) vision B) hearing C) smell D) taste E) all of the above except (A) Damage to lateral regions of the postcentral gyrus in the right parietal lobe would result in loss of sensation in which area of the body:
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neuroquestion - The folds on the surface of the cerebellum...

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