Unit%206 - Integumentary System UNIT 6 he integumentary...

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1 6 Integumentary System Integumentary System 6 U N I T T he integumentary system is the first anatomy-intensive system that is covered in this manual. Note that the anatomy in Exercise 1 is grouped into main structures (e.g., the epidermis) and sub-structures (e.g., the layers of the epidermis).Additionally, note that the anatomical structures are numbered. This makes it easy for you as the instructor to customize the list. For example, if you don’t cover the anatomy of the nail in your course, simply tell your students to omit number 3a–3e under accessory structures. Students may ask if they can use the number system on the model inventories; however,that’shonestly not a good idea. Part of the model inventory’s pedagogicalvalue is in writing the terms and saying them aloud, and that is lost when the students substitute numbers for the terms. This unit closes with a fingerprinting exercise, which is an optional activity. Though optional, students do tend to love this particular exercise, and it provides a nice break from anatomical models and histologicalslides! Materials and Prep Notes Exercise 1: Skin Anatomy and Accessory Structures Materials Needed ± Anatomical models of the skin. As with Unit 4, it is easier for the students to use the model inventories if the anatomical models are given descriptive names, even something as simple as “Skin Model 1.” Exercise 2: Histology of the Integument Materials Needed ± Microscope slides: thick skin (palmar skin) and thin skin (scalp skin) ± Monocular or binocular microscopes with three objectives Exercise 3: Touch Receptor Distribution Materials Needed ± Centimeter rulers, one per pair ± Water-soluble marking pens, one per pair ± Semmes-Weinstein 5.07/10 g monofilament: There are several options for purchasingthese monofilaments. You can order them from Carolina Biological Supply Company as a part of their CutaneousSensationsKit
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Unit%206 - Integumentary System UNIT 6 he integumentary...

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