Matlab commands-5.1-5.4-5

Matlab commands-5.1-5.4-5 - Matlab commands- >pwd-tells...

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Matlab commands- >>pwd-tells you the current working directory(a folder) cd-command that changes the working directory. >> cd (‘/usr;) >>cd(‘cathy’) >> cd (‘compsci’) Or >>cd (‘/usr’) >>cd (‘cathy/compsci’) /usr/cathy/compsci-is a relative pathname, cathy and comspci are directories. 5.4 >> mystr = ‘sqrt(9)’ >> mystr Mystr: sqrt(9) >> eval(mystr) Ans:3 Script-basically you type your code or algorithm in a script or a .m(mfile)-.m=file type extension-just tells how the computer to interpret the file. Plotsunspots.m---this is an mfile…. . >> plotsunspots in mfile = sign is called the assignment variable. 1:100, is a vector?????????? Source file-just like an mfile, where the instructions or algorithms or code is stored. When put into a compiler, and the output of the compiler is called an object file with an extension filetype denoted with .o Linking-performed by a program called linker-combines the object files(.o files made by the compiler-
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Matlab commands-5.1-5.4-5 - Matlab commands- >pwd-tells...

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