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TENTATIVE SYLLABUS CE108 — Introduction to Computer Methods in Civil Engineering VKC 150: MW 11:00 – 11:50 and 1:00 – 1:50 Sanja Ivanovic clas s no Date Topics Chapter s in book Homework Lab, MP due 1 Jan 11-13 Introduction to computer methods; Why Matlab?, computation and algorithms, flow charts Lab: M ATLAB Desktop, directory, ftp, expressions, operators, M ATLAB scripts; Lab1 exercises Matlab scripts, diary files, operators, variables, parsing and tokens 1, 2.1 2.2–4 Lab0 2 HW1; Lab1 Jan 18- MLK Jr – University Holiday Jan 18-20 Lab: M ATLAB scripts; ssh to run M ATLAB remotely on aludra; Lab2 exercises Computer memory, numbers, built-in funcs., strings, vectors, colon notation 5.1,4–5 3.1–3 3 3.2; Lab2 4 Jan 25-27 Array subscripts, array operations & funcs.; plotting (fplot, plot) Lab: vectors and plotting; Lab3 exercises Booleans, logical operators, Boolean masks; structures, cell arrays 4.1–2 3.4–5, 4.3 3.5, 12, 4.3 5 Lab3(D4.5*) 6 Feb 1-3 M ATLAB functions; inline functions, function handles (
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This note was uploaded on 10/15/2010 for the course CE 108 taught by Professor Johnson during the Fall '08 term at USC.

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syllabus_ce108_2010_T - TENTATIVE SYLLABUS CE108...

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