Jeremy Benthem - Jeremy Benthem (1748-1832), Anarchial...

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Jeremy Benthem (1748-1832), Anarchial Fallacies; Being an Examination of the Declaration of Rights Issued During the French Revolution (1816) The revolution, which threw the government into the hands of the penners and adopters of this declaration, having been the effect of insurrection, the grand object evidently is to justify the cause. But by justifying it, they invite it: in justifying past insurrections, they plant and cultivate a propensity to perpetual insurrection in time future; they sow the seeds of anarchy broad-cast; in justifying the demolition of existing authorities, they undermine all future ones, their own consequently in the number. Shallow and reckless vanity! The Great enemies of public peace are the selfish and dissocial passions:—necessary as they are …Society is held together only by the sacrifices that men can be induced to make of the gratifications that they demand: to obtain these sacrifices is the great difficulty, the great task of government. What has been the object, the perpetual and
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Jeremy Benthem - Jeremy Benthem (1748-1832), Anarchial...

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