PPT14_Java_Servlets - Java Servlets Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: Java Servlets Introduction to Servlets A servlet is is a class residing on the web server that responds to http requests from web pages. They are not included in the web page like an applet. Similar to Common Gateway Interface (CGI) The server must be a Java-enabled Web Server. Includes the servelet engine Typical Client-Server Exchange Client issues http request. The URL includes the servlet name with path Web Server intercepts the request and loads the servlet class. The servlet interrogates the request to get the paramters The servlet can communicate with the DBMS After processing the request, the servlet creates an HTML document The server redirects the servlet output to the client Servlet Interface Void init(ServletConfig c) Called once to initialize the servlet ServletConfig passed by the server ServletConfig getServletConfig() void service(ServletRequest req, ServletResponse res) Called to handle client request void desrtoy() HttpServlet Class Inherited by servlets to respond to HTML Web Pages Methods doGet...
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PPT14_Java_Servlets - Java Servlets Introduction to...

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