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Object-Oriented System Development System Development Life Cycle SDLC Project management framework that defines project phases and activities Phases: Planning Initiate, ensure feasibility, plan schedule, obtain approval for project Analysis Understand business needs and processing requirements Design Define solution system based on requirements and analysis decisions Implementation Construction, testing, user training, and installation of new system Support Keep system running and improve Analysis Phase System analysis To study, understand, and define the requirements for a system System requirements Primary output from the Analysis Phase Define what the system needs to accomplish for the users in business terms Design Phase System Design To design the information system that will fulfill the system requirements System Specifications Primary output from the Design Phase Define how the system will accomplish then needs of the users in technical terms Implementation Phase Construct software components Verify and test Unit testing Integration testing Acceptance testing Convert data Train users and document the system Install the system Primary output: Completed System Three Layer Design A system generally has three separate layers of components Problem Domain Layer (Business) Specific to a particular business application May be persistent View Layer (User Interface) Define elements that make up the UI to the application Data Access Layer Work with DBMS to store/retrieve data Modeling Models Depict some aspect of the required system Page 1 of 9
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Logical models Show what is required in the system independent of the technology used to implement it Developed in the Analysis Phase Physical models Show how to implement and integrate system components using specific technology Developed in the Design Phase Object Oriented Modeling The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is used for object oriented modeling. Approaches to System Development Procedural approach System is defined as a set of procedures that interact with data Data is maintained separately from procedures Object Oriented approach System is defined as a collection of objects that work together to accomplish tasks Objects carry out actions when asked Each object maintains its own data Object-Oriented System Development OO information system development involves: OOA (Object-Oriented Analysis) Using an OO approach to system analysis OOD (Object-Oriented Design) Using an OO approach to system design OOP (Object-Oriented Programming Using an OO approach to programming Object Oriented Development An application contains one or more business processes. Each process is accomplished with the collaboration of several objects. Objects perform their “piece” of the process and sends a message to another object.
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PPT01_OO_Development - Object-Oriented System Development...

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