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BIO exam 1_0001

BIO exam 1_0001 - 32 In the figure below there is a...

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Unformatted text preview: 32. In the figure below, there is a scanning electron micrograph of a sickled red blood cell. If hemoglobin were isolated from this cell and others like it and subjected to chromatographic separation after enzymatic digestion, one spot, representing a single peptide, would differ on the chromatograms of normal and sickle cell hemoglobin. How many amino acids are changed in the mutant form of hemoglobin to cause the difference in the two chromatograms? A) a two amino acid difference '8) a one amino acid difference between the normal and mutant forms of hemoglobin. C) a three amino acid difference D) There is a gene deletion 33. If there is a mutation in the Shine-Dalgamo sequence, is the resulting sequence detrimental? Why? A) Yes, it's an intron 8) No, the original sequence causes Sickle Cell Anemia C) Yes, it's used to create DNA “9) Yes, it's needed to signal the initiation codon in bacteria E) No, nothing happens. The sequence isn't that important to start with. ...
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