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BIO exam 1_0004

BIO exam 1_0004 - 54 You are examining a particular amino...

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Unformatted text preview: 54. You are examining a particular amino acid side chain of a protein. You observe that this side chain is involved in an ionic bond. You take a break and after several minutes return to see that the side chain has been replaced with an amino acid that is now engaged in Hydrogen bonding. The two amino acids that you have observed are most likely which of the following: A) Valine and Glycine B) Serine and Glutamine Wspartic Acid and Tyrosine D) Proline and Lysine 55. What is the name of the molecular machine that translates the code stored in mRNAs? A) a lysosome B) an endosome Ma ribosome D) a ribotome E) a microsome 56. When both a dominant and recessive allele for a particular gene are present together in the same plant__________ 1) the recessueallele—israhivays Md 2) the dominant allele IS expressed some of the time the dominant allele IS always expressed thedeminant-atlelers’ masked by the recessivea allele A) 1 B) 2 <78) 3 D) 4 E) 3 and 4 57. Hemoglobin molecules analyzed at various times during an animal‘s life seem to be highly variable. What is the explanation? A) Contaminants at various points in an organism's life cause the variation in data. B) Hemoglobin denatures when isolated from older embryos. ELThe combinations of a-family and b- -family globin polypeptides differ with developmental stage. D) Hemoglobins are chemically altered as they age. E) Hemoglobins bind copper ions instead of iron ions. ...
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