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Crayfish title Page - Procambarus clarkia, but not a fight....

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How the Anatomical Features of Procambarus clarkia correlate to Dominance while Fighting By Olivia Rauschenbach Bio 103, Section 158 Tuesday 6:30-9:20, Dana Losch
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Methods and Materials: First, 24 Procambarus clarkia were selected in pairs according to sex. Five measurements were made for each Procambarus clarki: weight in grams; length of cephalothorax in mm; length of abdomen in mm; width of meral spread in mm; and legth of cheliped in mm. A large tub was obtained for each pair, filled with gravel and 4 inches of water. The tub was divided in half with a piece of transparent paper and one Procambarus clarkia was placed on each side. The animals were allowed to settle and then the divider was removed to stage a brief encounter of the two
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Unformatted text preview: Procambarus clarkia, but not a fight. Behaviors observed were then recorded on the data sheet for each of the 24 animals. Fights were then staged when one pair of animals and another pair or animals were grouped together within the same sex. Then, guesses on which Procambarus clarkia would win were made based on the measurements made before every fight. The pair first observed never fought, so four fights were observed for each group of four. After every fight, behaviors of each Procambarus clarkia were recorded. This was done for all 6 groups of Procambarus clarkia....
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Crayfish title Page - Procambarus clarkia, but not a fight....

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