ivanoff - The first play of Ivanoff written by Anton...

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The first play of Ivanoff written by Anton Chekhov was first performed in Moscow in 1887, with some less than great reviews. Ashamed of his failure, Chekhov re-wrote the script, and it was performed again in St. Petersburg in 1889. This version seemed to win over audiences with a little more ease than then first. Hidden between the love affairs and the unfolding drama is a person’s search for self worth. Almost each character in this play is trying to prove to others, as well as themselves that they are who they really say they; not of course to their identity, but about the person they are inside. When these struggling identities collide it results in the ultimate sacrifice, a human life. Nicholas Ivanoff married a Jewish girl named Anna, who was very ill all the time. It is key to understand that she gave up her faith and all of her wealth to be with this man by converting to a Roman orthodox to be able to wed. Her parents disowned her, and did not allow any contact with her, and of course they did not offer any of their riches to the newlyweds. You get the sense that Ivanoff resents his wife, or more appropriately his life choices. But because he sees Anna every day, it would be easier to take all of his hurt on to her, rather than admit to himself that he was the one who has done any wrong doings. He wears a heavy heart for the pain he is going through, and for the fact that he might actually not really love his wife. She pleads him to stay with her, and just keep her company, but even in her fragile state, he is so consumed with trying to find his own self worth, he leaves her every evening stating that he cannot bear to be around her. “As you insist on knowing, I shall have to tell you. It is a little cruel, but you had best understand. When this melancholy fit is on me I begin to dislike you, Annie, and at such times I must escape from you. In short, I simply have to leave this house.”
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ivanoff - The first play of Ivanoff written by Anton...

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