chapter 11 - LO1) Describe the differences between...

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LO1) Describe the differences between marketing of services and the marketing of products. There are four differences that separate services from products, which affect a firms marketing strategy. 1) Intangible- characteristics of a service that cannot be touched, tasted or seen like a pure products. This makes marketing a challenge because it is hard to convey the benefits. Some marketers can try to help make a pleasant experience, with good atmosphere. Many firms will often uses symbols and images to evoke emotions and to give the consumer a positive perception of the service. 2) Inseparable- characteristics of a service produced and consumed at the same time, service and consumption are inseparable. There is no way for a consumer to try the service before it is performed, and it cannot be returned. This creates a high risk, so firms offer guarantees, and money back promotions to ensure the consumer they will be satisfied in the end. 3) Variability-characteristic of a service whose quality may vary because it is provided by humans. Each person is different; therefore they cannot all do the same task in exactly the same way. So a consumer might have a different experience at the same place each time they go. This can also work to a firms advantage, if they have a variety of people, they can be paired with a consumer to fit their needs better. Some firms have replaced humans with machine, such as ATM, instead of bank tellers, and self checkouts in grocery stores. 4) Perishables- characteristic of a service that cannot be stored for future use. As long as there is a demand for the service and there is enough supply, there should not be an issue, but problems occur when, let’s say a seasonal service, and the supply is less than the demand, LO2) Explain why service marketers must know what consumers expect.
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Service gap- when a service fails to meet the expectations that a customer has about how it should be delivered. There are four types of gaps, and it helps firms examine, and reduce failure.
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chapter 11 - LO1) Describe the differences between...

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