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If I was the supervisor at the steel plant, and needed to motivate my college students to move the steel within the allotted amount of time, there are several other aspects I would need to consider. First there is no way possible that anyone can work straight through an eight hour shift without getting tired. Even if they were to work straight through, eight hours a day will not be enough time to accomplish the task. So the best solution I can think of would be to stretch the shift from eight hours to perhaps ten. In addition to the extended shift, there would be allotted break time of fifteen minutes taken place every two hours. Also I would make an hour lunch mandatory, in order for them to refresh themselves, eat, hydrate and rest. This will allow them to
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Unformatted text preview: be equally productive as they were in the start of the day. If the previous average number of pieces of metal hauled were 30-31 per hours, I would give an incentive to push them to haul more pieces. Maybe, an additional amount of money per piece that is hauled over the old average of pieces hauled could be the incentive they need. So after they meet the minimum requirement, I can offer them an additional $0.50 for every piece hauled. This will encourage them to want to work harder, and then the load would be put on the cars in the time allowed. Another option would be to offer them an overall pay increase hourly if the meet a 50-55 hourly rate....
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