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Introductionto Islam lecture 4 The first muslim- Ibrahim the rebel “hanif” He believed (son slaughter) The ferefather (imamah) Persens: Muhammad (4) jesus (16) Ibrahim (63) number of times mentioned in quran moses(131) Books- al tawrah, al injil, and al quran Covenant- divine/human----faith/acts Conditional- what kind of person Jesus- double nature People of the book- Jews and cristians Ibrahim was neither jew or chrsitian, he was a redesigned monatheist, which means he
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Unformatted text preview: did not believe in any other gods Prophets- humans selected by god to communicate his msg to a specific group of people Messangers- fewer individuals 5-25, humans, sent to all of humanity and have clear guidance (scripture) All named The messanger believes in that which has been related to him from his lord and so do believers All messangers are prophets How do we know? Miracles, faith, knowing...
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