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Comparatative Analysis

Comparatative Analysis - Comparative Analysis of the...

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1 Garrett Stanley English 101 – 052 9/22/10 Comparative Analysis For different studies, different types of writing styles must be applied in order to achieve the desired response to the article. This means that even if two people from different areas of expertise are writing about the exact same thing, they may sound nothing at all alike. All three of the articles that will be discussed cover the topic of human and sex trafficking around the globe. The first article, written by Viviene E. Cree in 2008, is called “International Social Work.” The second article, “ HIV Prevalence and Predictors of Infection in Sex-Trafficked Nepalese Girls and Women,” was published on August 1, 2007 and was written by a multitude of authors such as Jay G. Silverman, Michele R. Decker, Jhumka Gumpta, Ayonija Maheshwari, Brian M. Willis, and Anita Raj. The third and final article, written by Jeffrey Cole in 2006, is called “ Reducing the Damage: Dilemmas of Anti-Trafficking Efforts among Nigerian Prostitutes in Palermo.” The first article is written from the social science point of view and concentrates more on the international commotion caused by trafficking and the laws set in place against it, rather than individual’s personal battles with prostitution. Because social science focuses on the interactions of communities or groups of people, it is immediately evident that someone wrote this article from a social science standpoint. The second article is written from the natural science point of view and focuses more on the diseases being spread by the prostitutes and brothels rather than the people themselves. It puts more emphasis on the detrimental effects of AIDS and HIV rather than the methods to
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2 reduce human/sex trafficking. Also, it seems to be intended to tell about the experiments done with the Nepalese girls and not so much tell their personal stories. This makes sense seeing as how natural science deals with natural problems such as diseases or the
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Comparatative Analysis - Comparative Analysis of the...

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