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Axia College Material Appendix B Worksheet Self-esteem Worksheet Self-esteem is awareness of who you are and how you see yourself through internal and external communication. Your self-concept is also influenced by factors such as values, abilities, goals, and actions of other people. Read each of the following scenarios below. After each one, write how you would respond to the scenario. If your initial reaction is a positive one, fill in the Positive Response column; if it is a negative reaction, fill in the Negative Response column. Next, fill in the remaining column to show how you might handle the situation from the opposite perspective. You should be able to predict different outcomes by looking at the same scenario two different ways. Is there a right or wrong way to respond to every situation? Scenario Positive Response Negative Response You work extremely hard on a school project and turn it in on time to your instructor. A week later, you receive your grade: a C-. You feel the grade given to
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