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My opinion of the American Political system is that the views of the American people ar not in  tact anymore. It seems as though this nation is more concerned about the images we portray  towards of other nations. We are more concerned about what other nations are thinking or  saying about us. One of the Systems weaknesses I would consider would be the Freedom to  choose our own Religion. Many of us here in America feel they are not welcomed or not even  feel they belong. I believe we need to be a it more consistent with the respect of others and their  individual rights. When looking back at America long ago and now would I would say our biggest  strength would be the many cultures and nationalities we have here now. We have many  different backgrounds and would have a lot to offer to bring to the table. This has many 
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Unformatted text preview: advantages and would give others the ability to speak or express our thoughts freely, and another strength is to have the strength of our troops to go over and fight for our countries freedom. Idf I could change one fundamental element within America it would be Equality. Like I had syted before many cultures and nationalities here in America are not treated fairly as they should be from Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims, or Latinos, and Asians. When many of these cultures come over to the United States they expect to be treated with Equality and I believe they too deserve and expect to be treated the same and expect the government to help with making it a welcoming country....
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