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Biol313PractiseQuest10 - Sample questions for Biol 313...

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Sample questions for Biol 313 midterm The following questions are representative of the kinds of questions that will appear on the final examination (there will be 25 questions on the midterm). You will find that the questions may be categorized into the following categories, in order of likely difficulty: 1) Basic definitions of important terms and concepts in evolution 2) Major messages from important examples discussed in class, or other examples with similar properties. 3) Interpretation of basic evolutionary models, including problems involving appropriate calculations 4) Ability to interpret evolutionary relationships, particularly graphs 5) Ability to take two or more facts provided in the question, and to arrive at a logical conclusion. Some of these questions will require calculations and use of formulas given in class. Although the calculations could be done manually, they will be aided by the use of a calculator. You will be permitted to use non-programmable calculators during the exam. You will be provided with a list of formulas, some of which may be required to answer specific questions. Please note: These questions are examples of the kinds of questions that you can expect. I will provide an answer key for the questions at a later date. All the answers are available from the information provided in lectures, but having read the suggested readings in the textbook, or understanding the lab material, will certainly help. If you have difficulties in determining what the appropriate answer should be after you have studied your notes, the recommended readings, and the relevant lab material, please come to see me during my office hours (preferred) or contact me to arrange an appointment. I will be happy to help you work through how to figure out the answer. Please note that I cannot guarantee to be available at all times in the days just prior to the midterm examination.
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1. The observation that finches (and tortoises) differed on the different islands of the Galapagos was critical to Darwin's development of the theory of evolution by natural selection, because it demonstrated that: A. variation exists in natural populations. B. migration to islands homogenized the allele frequencies. C. evolutionary change does not depend on migration. D. the distribution of forms is influenced by geography. E. the islands differed greatly in environment. 2. Anatomical structures that show similar function but dissimilar embryonic and evolutionary background are: A. homologous. B. primitive.
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Biol313PractiseQuest10 - Sample questions for Biol 313...

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