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argument credibility checkpoint 2 - understand where both...

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I think that my classmate did identify the claim accurately but could have gone a little more into detail. I would have like to known if the man had let Wal-Mart know that he uses marijuana for an illness and shown them proof from a doctor. With my own personal observations, it is hard not to agree with the claims of both the man and Wal-Mart. For one Wal-Mart has their own policies and when it comes down to it they have final say. Wal-Mart has the responsibility for the safety of their customers and employees however, the man claims to have never used before or during work. Therefore, instead of firing him Wal-Mart could have taken him off unloading trucks to greeter. For what I have read the claims agree with my background information. I
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Unformatted text preview: understand where both sides are coming from. The background analyses of my classmate and me are the same we both know that marijuana is prescribed for terminally ill patients. I would say that my classmate did make an accurate judgment about the author. When compared to other stories I read about on this topic the site she chose had the same information, which leads me to believe that the author is both trustworthy and unbiased. The concepts from the feedback tutorial I used were being positive, suggesting ideas, I made sure the facts were correct and not being vague....
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