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Capstone Checkpoint - Capstone Checkpoint In the future...

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Capstone Checkpoint In the future, thinking critically will influence the way that I read by allowing me to pay attention, examine the claims that are being made and determine if the conclusion is true or not. I will also use the ability that I have learned to identify problems and unstated assumptions, as well as moral judgments and reasoning. When it comes to writing in the future, I will use my critical thinking skills to organize my thoughts and ideas, supply evidence to statements, be rational, and have an open mind. I will also be more aware of how not to let my moral judgments or reasoning get in the way of how I write. Thinking critically will influence the way that I process information in the future by considering the evidence, determining if it is valid or invalid, weak or strong, and if it is a convincing argument. I have also gained a different perspective of the way I process information. Critical thinking could be applied when evaluating articles by determining if the author is credible, rather or not it is biased, and to avoid making inaccurate assumptions. I would also use
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