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Checkpoint: Identifying Fallacies 2. I think that this one falls into the category of Straw Man. Straw man—”rebutting” a claim by offering a distorted or exaggerated version of it. She is clearly exaggerating with her rebuttal. While it is true that fertility drugs can have that side effect and that it is common, it is uncommon to that these children have to struggle to survive. 3. I think that this one falls into false dilemma because the Abiagail Van Buren because it only gives two alternatives either being a divorcee or a widow. If you chose divorcee than people will look at you as a “reject” and are avoided “like they have leprosy.” With only these two alternatives, and one with her definition, seems to only give you one chose. 5. I think that this one falls into poisoning the well category. It seems to me that the writer is trying to convince the editor to think that by closing North Park Drive then the community
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Unformatted text preview: would have to park farther away and have to walk when all it seems like to me is that it would be inconvenient to the writer. 6. To me I think this one falls into personal attack as hominem because his beliefs are different from others. He assumes that they would deny what they are driven by and would they raise the same objections if the scene was different. 8. I think this one falls into the begging the question category because the writer is assuming that if the counties do not raise additional sources of revenue than the demands will not be met and will not be able to maintain service. 9. To me this one falls into the perfectionist fallacy because the church is basically saying that without proof then they will not support providing condoms. Perfectionist fallacy means to do something completely or nothing at all. Therefore, to me the church wants to be complete in its decision or it will not be a part of it....
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