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Filter Rule: (Alexander, 1961, 1964, IMR) I x % Filter I If a daily closing price moves up at least x %, buy and hold until its price moves down at least x % from a subsequent high, sell and go short. Maintain the short position until the price rises at least x % above a subsequent low, buy. Moves less than x % in either direction are ignored. I Fact I If the price moved up x %, it is likely to move up more than
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Unformatted text preview: x % further before it moves down by x %; thus RW is not upheld by data. I Bias in the results; because of price jumps, purchase price > low + x % and sale price < high-x %. I After adjusting for dividends/commissions, prots are much lower. Largest prots under the lter rule are those of the broker....
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