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1) In a system with double circulation, A. blood is usually pumped at two separate locations as it circulates through the body. B. there is a countercurrent exchange in the gills. C. hemolymph circulates both through a pumping blood vessel and through body sinuses. D. blood is pumped to the gas-exchange organ and returning blood is then pumped through systemic vessels. E. there are always two ventricles and often two atria. 2) In the human digestive system, which is the site of water and ion reabsorption? A. the stomach B. duodenum C. liver D. large intestine E. gall bladder 3) Certain nutrients are considered "essential" in the diets of certain animals because A. only those animals use the nutrients. B. they are subunits of important polymers. C. they cannot be manufactured by the organism. D. they are necessary for energy generation. E. only some foods contain them. 4) In the blood, most of the oxygen that will be used in cellular respiration is carried from the lungs to the body tissues A. as bicarbonate ions. B. combined with hemoglobin. C. by the trachea. D. by water. E. dissolved in blood plasma. 5) After ingestion, the first type of macromolecule to be worked on by enzymes in the human digestive system is A. protein. B. carbohydrate.
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PracticeMidtermQuestions_001 - 1) In a system with double...

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