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Thomas More�s Utopia

Thomas More�s Utopia - Thomas More's Utopia The two...

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Thomas More’s Utopia The two main characters are Thomas More, who is a character that appears to be conservative, and there is Hithleday (nonsense talker). More and Hitladay go at it. Hitladay is a man of great learning and travels. More and Peter Jiles say that Hitladay should put himself in the service of a king as an advisor. Hitladay says that the kind of advice he would give would make the kingdom better not the king. Hitladay talks of justice. What kind of justice is it where you drive people off the land and then execute them for trying to survive? The poor work hard while the rich are idle. Hitladay says only in England do you have sheep eating men. Book two is a monologue where hitladay tells of an island on the other side of the world that is a somewhat alternate universe. It looks geographically like England. It becomes apparent that this will be a satire on England. More is a Christian humanist. More was among the wealthy himself. He personally knew the kings. Utopia is a book addressed to these men. It is a book of council. In book 1
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