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SYLLABUS: BILD 7 - The Beginning of Life Professors: Martin Yanofsky and Ethan Bier TAs: Timothy Tsui: [email protected] Vishnu Parthasarathy: [email protected] Shuangning Zhang: [email protected] Mary Parsons: [email protected] Ethan Fram: [email protected] Tu/Th: 11:00AM-12:20PM Peterson 103 SPRING 2010 DATE LECTURE TOPIC READING Mar. 30 (Tu) 1 – MY Genes and DNA: Movie: The Double Helix, Part 1 Chpt. 1 Apr. 1 (Th) 2 – MY Movie: Part 2, DNA, RNA and Protein Chpt. 1 Apr. 6 (Tu) 3 – MY Genes control development Chpt. 1 Apr. 8 (Th) 4 – MY Overview of recombinant DNA technology Chpt. 2 Apr. 13 (Tu) 5 – EB Hunting for genetic mutants Chpt. 3 (Problems 1-16 due; 3% of final grade) Apr. 15(Th) 6 – EB Forming the nose versus tail of a fly Chpt. 3 Apr. 20 (Tu) 7 – EB Brain versus skin development in flies Chpt. 3 (Problems 17-34 due; 3% of final grade) Apr. 22 (Th) 8 – EB Making wings and eyes of flies Chpt. 4 Apr. 27 (Tu) 9 – EB Forming the noses versus tails of mice and men Chpt. 5
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