Music 1010 summary of concepts

Music 1010 summary of concepts - • Dynamics – volume o...

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Music 1010 Summary of Concepts Melody - tune o Conjunct - smooth o Disjunct – jumpy o Phrase - sentence Regular – 2, 4, and 8 measures long Irregular – Everything else o Cadence – end of a phrase o Pitch – Highness or lowness of a note o Duration – Length o Interval – space between notes o Climax – High of music Rhythm – time o Downbeat - strong beat o Measure – Unit of time o Accents – Emphasis on beats o Syncopation – off beat o Duple – 2 o Triple – 3 o Nonmetric – no meter or definable downbeat o Complex – poly, or compound meters Harmony – two or more notes at the same time o Scale – Pattern o Chord – Three or more notes o Consonant - normal; agreeble o Dissonant - creepy; erratic o Major - happy o Minor – somber Tempo – speed o Allegro - fast o Moderato - medium o Adagio – slow o Accelerando – speeding up o Ritardondo – slowing down
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Unformatted text preview: • Dynamics – volume o Forte – loud o Mezzo – medium o Piano – soft o Crescendo – getting louder o Diminuendo – getting softer • Texture – o Monophonic – one voice o Homophonic – one voice with accompaniment o Polyphonic – two melodies at the same time • Musical Style – type of music • • Instruments of the Orchestra o Woodwinds - Flute Clarinet Oboe Bassoon o Brass Trumpet Trombone French Horn Tuba o Strings Violin Viola Cello Bass o Percussion Timpani Snare Drum Xylophone Triangle Bells Cymbals Chimes Marimba Vibrophone o Keyboard Harp Clavier Harpsichord Organ Pianoforte Synthesizer...
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Music 1010 summary of concepts - • Dynamics – volume o...

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