L&MX3 - After using a mediator to resolve conflict...

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After using a mediator to resolve conflict btw the nurse manager and 2 staff nurses, the chief nursing officers decides to: ~ Observe to make sure the conflict has been resolved After working for a nurse manager for the past 8 months, a staff nurse notices that many decisions made by the nurse manager benefit herself more than the staff members. Which leadership quality is this nurse manager lacking? ~ Authenticity and accountability. An interviewee for a nurse manager position asks for a copy of the organizational chart. Such charts provide information about the role component of: ~ lines of communication. Maybe on there twice I don't remember As part of performance appraisal the nurse manager designs strategies to acknowledge staff members. What practices by the nurse manager best acknowledge staff accountability and contribution? ~ Allowing professional more influence through standardization of unit activities. Based on future predictions and forecasts the workplace of the future will be: ~ more intense because of more technology. Before beginning her own nursing agency, a nurse worked with other temporary nursing agencies in nine states. This career style is known as: ~ Entrepreneuraltransient Chief nursing office is pleased with the nurse manager’s strategy of improving client satisfaction in the pediatric intensive care unit. She decided to implement these changes throughout the hospital. What would be important to consider in implementing a new program focused on improving relationships with consumers: ~ Recognition of nursing staff for excellence in promoting consumer relationships. Chief nursing officer listens to the nurse managers verbalize their feeling of internal stress. A common source of internal stress in nurses today is: ~ perfectionism Chief nursing officer plans a series of staff development workshops for the nurse managers to help them deal with conflicts. The first workshop introduces the four stages of conflict which are: ~ Frustration, conceptualization, action, and outcomes. Chief Nursing Officer understands clinical incompetency is best prevented by ~ a formalized competency program with standards for RN. Chief nursing officer understands that clinical incompetence is best prevented by: ~ A formalized competency program with established standards for practice Director of home health agency is working with the staff to develop a team environment in which individual and agency outcomes can be improved. When providing the staff member’s opportunities to access information and develop the skills needed to reach the teams goals. The director is acting in the role of:
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L&MX3 - After using a mediator to resolve conflict...

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