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Community Health Exam 2 Points Awarded 100 Points Missed   0 Percentage   100% 1. Exposure to lead-based paint can cause premature births, learning disabilities in children, hypertension in adults, and  other health problems. The lead in our environment would be classified as: A. An infectious agent B. A neurotoxin C. PCB D. A pesticide Answer:  B - Of the top 20 environmental pollutants reported to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly three- quarters were known or suspected neurotoxins, that is, toxins that destroy nerves or nervous tissue. 2. The monitoring and public reporting of air quality in a local community to alert individuals with asthma or other  respiratory conditions would illustrate: A. Compliance and enforcement B. Environmental epidemiology C. Secondary prevention D. Toxicology Answer:  B - By examining specific populations or communities exposed to different ambient environments, environmental  epidemiology seeks to clarify the relationship between physical, chemical, and biological factors and human health. 3. The community health nurse asks a client, "Have you ever been exposed to any radiation or chemical liquids, dust,  mists, or fumes?" The nurse is conducting an: A. Environmental advocacy activity B. Environmental compliance activity C. Environmental health assessment D. Environmental risk communication Answer:  C - The key questions in an environmental health assessment should cover present and past conditions in work,  home, and community environments. In an assessment of environmental exposures, the environment can be divided  into functional locations such as home, school, workplace, and community. 4. When applying the nursing process to environmental health, the community health nurse would: A. Conduct a focused assessment on the presenting problem B. Coordinate interventions with the physician only C. Examine criteria that include only the client’s immediate response D. Include outcome measures that mitigate and eliminate the environmental factors Answer:  D - If the community health nurse suspects that a client's health problem is being influenced by environmental  factors, the nurse should follow the nursing process and note the environmental aspects of the problem in every step  of the nursing process. For instance, in goal setting, the nurse would include outcome measures that mitigate and  eliminate the environmental factors. 5.
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CH X2 - PointsAwarded 100 PointsMissed Percentage 0 100 1...

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