RX HESI 2 - T hings to study for Pharm HESI- -FYI, Do not...

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Things to study for Pharm HESI---FYI, Do not waste time studying her blueprint….not the stuff on the test Converting micro drops into drops----FYI all math converting problems are fill in the blank….no multiple guess Converting mcg into mg Know about Calcium channel blockers Know about mixing Digoxin with other drugs Know about DDAVP---what it is used for Know that grapefruit juice should not be taken with meds Know how a patient should take Iron elixir Know how to mix dextrose in an IV when a patient is in Insulin shock Know drug used for Myastenia Gravis and how to check if it worked Know how to treat Acetaminophen toxicity Know therapeutic range for Digoxin Know what drugs you would be allergic to if you have an allergy to Penicillin
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Know to culture before you start an antibiotic Know about drug for Tuberculosis Know side effects of drug used for Urge Incontinence Know about Inhalers---Albuterol and also the Inhaler used for COPD Know about Diuretics---Esp. Lasix Know about combining HTN medications
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RX HESI 2 - T hings to study for Pharm HESI- -FYI, Do not...

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