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2301 Pre-Test pg 4 - 4— 21 1Which type of dressing is...

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Unformatted text preview: 4— 21. 1Which type of dressing is most appropriate to use in dehridement of necrotic tissue from a pressure ulcer? ' a. lnrpregnated nnnadherent gauze h. Transparent adhesive film Hydmcolloid Moist-to—dry gauze 22.Thedndmlmsmderedprogressiwamhuladmforaofiemwhohasbeenonhedrest. Whenthemirseassists himoutofbedfiorthefirsttitne, disclienthecomesdizzywhenhesitsup. thristhenorse’smost appropriateaetioninthlssimation? Lowertheheadoftheheduntilsyrnptomssnbside _ Confinuetogethimupslowljr e. Suggestdiathetakedeephrreaflts d. Informdtedoctorthattheclientisnotleadymarnhlflate 23. A mime encounters resistance at the internal sphincter during insertion of an enema tube into the client. 1‘a'll'lntisthenurse’ sntostappropriateaction? 1 “Within the tube and then re-insert histrncttlseclienttotakeadeephreath,andnmasnsallamouotnffluidthrmghthetnh Withdrawthetoherightanay, andreportresistancetothechargeonrse d Raise the height of the container holding the solution to increase the pressure 24. A client has a prescription for a medication-that is. administered via an inhaler. To determine whefl'ie‘t‘ the client requires a spacer forthe inhaler, the nurse will determinedse: Dosage of medication required 9 Coordination of the client Schedule of administration d. Use of a dry powder inhaler (UPI) 25. The nurse is evaluating the integrity of the ventroglnteal injection site. The nurse finds the site by locating the: ' Middle third of the lateral thigh Greater trochantcr, anterior iliac spine, and iliac crest Anterior aspect of the upper thigh d. Acrornion process and axilla FDJolutdrorw 2:22! [19 ...
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