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Create a line with a pen or line tool . Apply diff. strokes/styles to lines. Create an enclosed object w/a pen tool Create a curve with a pen tool Type a word in serif typeface. Type a word in sans serif typeface. Use the same typeface in two sizes . Place type on a path . Center align a paragraph. Give paragraph 2 line drop cap . Indent 1st line of Fushed left paragraph.
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Unformatted text preview: Track out a phrase or sentence. Create a solid black rectangle . Stroke a circle with 2pt line weight . Show a polygon with 40% tint Overalap 2 objects with opacity % Import a logo graphic Scale (+/-) imported logo graphic. Rotate counter-clockwise logo graphic. g 101a2 _Ex01_Tools DUE DATE: Feb 1, 2010 Name File Name Grade...
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