ENG 4 and 5 L Syllabus Fall 2010

ENG 4 and 5 L Syllabus Fall 2010 - 1 English L-Course...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 English L-Course Syllabus English 4L, 5L, and Eng 1PA L Fall 2010 Dr. Lash Keith Vance Email: [email protected] Office: HMNSS 1103C Office Hours: Wed 10-12 &Apt Before you proceed with this syllabus, please have: 1) Twenty minutes of uninterrupted free time. 2) An open or printed version of the syllabus 3) Access to the Internet PRESS PLAY NOW ON THE VOICE RECORDING FOUND IN THE SYLLABUS FOLDER ON BLACKBOARD. THIS RECORDING WILL FURTHER EXPLAIN THE PARAMETERS OF THE COURSE. (If you cannot play it on your computer, please use a UCR computer). General Description The online English “L” courses are designed to supplement, not replicate , the work of the lecture classroom. In this way, students enrolled in English laboratory courses must complete a variety of online quizzes and textbook exercises. You must earn a passing grade of 73% for your overall performance on a variety of quizzes and assignments in order to receive “Satisfactory” credit for the course. 2 In the past, there has been some confusion about Basic Writing 3, English 4, English 5, or English 1PA, their connection to the English Laboratory (or “L”) courses, and the role of “traditional” freshmen composition (English 1A, 1B, 1C), so the following is a short explanation as to how the program functions. The Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) It all starts with the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE), the test that you took to “place” you in an English course at UCR after you were admitted to the UC System. Most students take the test in late May after being accepted to the UC System while a few of you may have taken a “make-up” during the summer. What happens to these tests? They are graded (twice) by instructors from all over the University of California system. Based on two independent scores (much like the SAT Writing section), you either pass or fail this writing requirement. Passing Tests : Students who pass AWPE test automatically enroll in English 1A and must complete the freshmen composition series (English 1A, 1B, 1C) in order to graduate from UCR. Non-Passing Tests : Students who do not pass the test (upwards of 55-65% of test-takers depending on the year) are thought to need additional practice in English composition and language and are placed in one of four courses based upon the writing level determined by a committee of UCR instructors who reread the AWPE tests here at UCR. This is the process that was used to place in Basic Writing 3, English 4, English 5, and English 1PA students. Once students are admitted to UCR, they do not take another AWPE test. Instead, passing English 4, English 5, or English 1PA with a satisfactory grade of “C” or better satisfies the UC System English Language Writing Requirement (ELWR)....
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ENG 4 and 5 L Syllabus Fall 2010 - 1 English L-Course...

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