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civil war - Pei-yu Hung U.S History Ms Schlesinger The...

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Pei-yu Hung Hung 1 U.S History Ms. Schlesinger Jan 12 2009 The Causes of Civil War During the Civil War, the Northerners and the Southerners fought against each other and the main reasons were based on slavery, economy, and political issue. In 1861, most south countries seceded from the Union because they believed the slavery would be abolished once Lincoln became the president. Actually, some experts claimed that it was not the only reason. They thought once the slavery was abolished, the Southerners would lose their labor and it would affect the economy interests. Other proficient regarded that the slavery was apparent, but the fact was the struggle between different parties. Abraham Lincoln’s claim was the fuse of the Civil War and that led to the conflict between the Northerners and the Southerners. In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln argued that he would not let the slavery spread to the territories where there did not have slaves. “If slavery were to extend into the western territories, opportunities for poor white laborers to better their lots there would be lost. The nation’s future, he argued, rested on the spread of free labor.” 1 Although he was not the abolitionist, he thought the slavery was wrong. He insisted on the prevention of the expansion of slaves. Then after Lincoln was elected, most of southern countries seceded from the Union and formed a new nation: ‘the Confederate States of America.’ Then in 1861, the Confederate started the war. “Confederate guns on shore
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civil war - Pei-yu Hung U.S History Ms Schlesinger The...

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