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history of comedy

history of comedy - Pei-yu Hung History of Comedy Mr...

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Pei-yu Hung History of Comedy Mr. Baillie May 10 2010 The Central of Comedy Comedy makes people’s lives more optimistic and joyful. It is not only help release people’s pressure, but also it is a platform where people could get more understanding of their lives. Comedy reflects the every day life of people or sometimes it criticizes about the banal society in a deriding way. It is true that producing a humoristic effect is harder than just having some special gestures on the stage. Moreover, it is much difficult to use only words to illustrate a ludicrous story. Therefore, for a writer, he has to use literary device and rhetoric to amuse readers or make the story more ironical. James Thurber who is a cartoonist and a dramatist especially favors using sophisticated humor to provoke readers and critics. One of his works, “The Catbird Seat”, Thurber creates comedic impressions through the symbols of milk, filing cabinet, and language to fascinate and amuse readers Thurber illustrates Mr. Martin’s innocent clashes to his cunning using milk to produce a hilarious image of this infallible man. Milk symbolizes innocent, childish and sanity. However, in the story, Mr. Martin, who is cunning and amoral, loves to milk as his favorite drink. Although it exhibits an inharmonious frame, it builds the
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