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a clockwork orange - Pei-yu Hung Mr. Haringa Dystopian...

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Pei-yu Hung Hung 1 Mr. Haringa Dystopian Fiction Feb 2 2009 The Right of the “Free Will” Human rights are always valued importantly from ancient times to the present. People strived for their rights to protect their properties. In the past, there were numerous wars occurred because of the liberty, such as the Civil War and Indian Independent movement. In nowadays, people could publish their speech, assemble for objection, and believe in different religions. People choose their ways to develop their own societies. Human are distinguishable because they could choose freely through their wills. In A Clockwork Orange , the author tried to emphasize the significance of free will through Alex’s point of view. At the beginning of the story, the author exhibited the unconfined life of Alex through Alex’s language and behaviors. Alex and his friends liked to bully or punch the people on the street randomly. “The old veck began to make sort of chumbling shooms- ‘wuf waf wof’- …that made the old veck start moaning a lot then, then out comes the blood, my brothers, real beautiful.”(Burgess 9). Alex really enjoyed the sensation of violence. He saw it as one of the important part of his life. Alex also felt
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a clockwork orange - Pei-yu Hung Mr. Haringa Dystopian...

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