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Pei-Chien (Rebecca) Lee 3:10-4pm English 4 10/18/2010 Grammar, Punctuation, and Style Diagnostic (correction) Part I 6. 6c was incorrect because it was not the only answer that was grammatically correct. I overlooked the other answers and assumed that there was only one answer. 6e was correct because it included both choices of b and c. Choice b was correct because it has a comma after the word died. It connects the dependent clause to an independent clause with a comma in between. 7. 7f was incorrect because there was a correct answer that I had missed out on. 7c was the correct answer because there was a prepositional phrase after the first noun to describe the noun and the comma on either side of the phrase made this sentence grammatically correct. It was correct because the phrase can be taken out at any time and the left over of the sentence would still make sense. 11. 11a was incorrect because the verb lay was used incorrectly. It was confused with the verb lie. Lay and lie are two verbs that are constantly confused with one another. The
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