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chapter 3 - culmination with the model of Ptolemy The...

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How did corpernicus, tycho, and kepler challenged the earth center idea.? Copernicus used Aristarchus sun center idea proposed 1,700 ago, and He found geometric relationships that let him calculate the planet's orbita period around the sun. Tycho wanted to improve copernicus model.observed the alignment of jupiter and saturn, found that it occured near the date of corpernicus predicted. He called what he observed a nova, new star. but never succeded in coming up with planetary motions. Kepler tried to find an orbit for mars Firs law tells us that the orbit How did the Greeks explain planetary motion? The greek geocentric model reached it's
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Unformatted text preview: culmination with the model of Ptolemy. The Ptolemaic model explained apparent retrograde motion by having each planet move on a small circle whose center moves around earth on a larger circle. What are Kepler's Three Law's of Planetary Motions? 1. The orbit of each planet is an ellipse with the sun at one focus 2. As a planet moves around its orbit, it sweeps out equal areas in equal times 3.More distant planets orbit the sun at slower average speeds, obeying the precise mathematical relationship p^2=a^3...
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