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Chapter 6 - currents ensure that air in out atmosphere is...

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Chapter 6 Telescopes -refracting telescope, operates much like an eye, using transparent glass lenses to collect and focus light. -reflecting telescope uses a precisely curved primary mirror to gather light. What astronomers use currently -In a refracting telescope need to be made from clear, high quality glass, and it is difficult to stabilize refracting telescope and to prevent large large lenses from deforming. -Astronomers use imaging, spectroscopy and timing, and they can put together detailed pictures of the objects they study. -Telescopes on the ground are much less expensive to build, operate and maintain than telescopes in space. But our atmosphere is polluted by human man-made light, and most form of light cannot reach the ground at all, aka light pollution, it obscures our view of the sky. -Second problem, is the distortion of light by the atmosphere, Winds and other air
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Unformatted text preview: currents ensure that air in out atmosphere is constantly moving and mixing around, turbulence. The constant changing of atmosphere's light bending properties, so that light rays passing through the atmosphere are constantly being bent by slightly different amounts, makes the stars twinkle, but it blurs astronomical images. Why do we put telescopes into space?-allow us to observe light that does not penetrate Earth's atmosphere Angular Resolution: the smallest angle over which we can tell that two stars are distinct What do astronomers do with telescopes? They rarely have a chance to look through large telescopes by eye, because it is much more important to record observations with cameras or other equipment. They do imaging, spectroscopy, and timing. With that they can put together detailed pictures....
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