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as am quiz 3 - they do same as cowbirds, they just fly...

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Aryum Jeon As Am 5 Quiz #3 P45 “I could not…” Woman warrior- Kingston Lit Events- Kingston is worried that her parents might sell her on the way back to china because she once heard of her relative does not think daughters are worth more than geese. Tone- worried, disappointed Lang/Imagery- can not eat straight A’s = ignorance of academic success as Chinese daughters Feeding girls is feeding cowbirds= it is not worth feeding daughters because
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Unformatted text preview: they do same as cowbirds, they just fly away. Better to raise geese than girls= this shows how Chinese daughters were treated worse than geese. Theme- construction of self: gender, race Cultural tensions that shape immigrant families’ Inclusion of immigrant stories in American narrative...
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