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Extra credit karen - of their sufferings However her book seems to cover many conflicts that confused me time to time Perhaps it is because I got

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Aryum Jeon As Am 5 Extra Credit- An Afternoon with Karen Tei Yamashita An Afternoon with Karen Tei Yamashita The event called “an afternoon with Karen Tei Yamashita” was truly interesting experience because it was my first time ever attending such an event. 'I Hotel,' by Karen Tei Yamashita was a shocking story which gave me some sense to understand the lives of Asian Americans in the 1970s. Throughout the time she read us her work of fiction, it reminded racial conflicts that professor Pandiya covered in his lecture. It was very helpful for me to follow up her story despite the fact that her voice was not audible from where I was seated. And once again, I was grateful for the Asian Americans who settled in this country during this tough period because we can live in the states now without any legal issues in exchange
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Unformatted text preview: of their sufferings. However, her book seems to cover many conflicts that confused me time to time. Perhaps it is because I got used to acknowledge few main conflicts for each book that Asian American class required us to read. Her book had various social issues. It almost sounded like one total package for most of the conflicts that minorities had experienced throughout the period. On the other hand, I was also amazed how authors should perceive the world in depth beneath the problems one sees. And as she did so beautifully, she almost seemed as a person who represented the whole Asian American minorities. After all, it was the most fascinating event I haven’t had for a while. I really appreciate that I was encouraged to participate such an event through this class....
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