NWood - Toru Watanabe The main character and narrator. He...

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Toru Watanabe — The main character and narrator. He is a Tokyo college student of average ability, majoring in drama but without reason or conviction for doing so. Unlike most students, he is interested in Western, and in particular, American literature . He is Kizuki's best friend, and develops romantic relationships with Naoko, and later, Midori. Naoko — a beautiful but emotionally fragile woman who is Kizuki's girlfriend, but becomes involved with Toru after Kizuki's death. Naoko's older sister committed suicide at age 17, which, along with Kizuki's suicide, has a lasting effect on Naoko's emotional stability. Midori Kobayashi — a vivacious, outgoing classmate of Toru. She and her sister help their father run a small bookstore. She originally had a boyfriend but develops feelings for Toru as she gets to know him more, putting Toru in a tough situation. Reiko Ishida — a music teacher and a close friend of Naoko who stays with her at the asylum. As a result of lifelong mental problems that wrecked her professional musical career and later her marriage, she attempts to advise Toru and Naoko in their relationship. Kizuki — Toru's best friend in high school, and Naoko's first boyfriend. Kizuki took his own life when he was 17. Nagasawa — a diplomacy student at the elite University of Tokyo who befriends Toru through a shared love of The Great Gatsby . Nagasawa is unusually charismatic and is complex in both his ideals and personal relationships. Often given to debauchery, Toru initially goes along with him to have intercourse with random girls Nagasawa picks up, but later he just stays on as Nagasawa's on/off friend. Hatsumi
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NWood - Toru Watanabe The main character and narrator. He...

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